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The Best Guitar VST Plugins - Midi Guitars That Sound Like The Real Deal

There are so many midi plugins available that are supposed to sound like guitars. Unfortunately, many of them don’t come close to sounding natural. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best available guitar VST plugins.

Guitar plugins for DAWs are often very specific tools that emulate just one type of guitar. It is unlikely that you will find a guitar VST that sounds like both an electric and acoustic guitar. They also vary by playing style such as picked or strummed.

Having all these options available makes it hard to identify which plugin is best for you. We have handpicked our favorites and explained them in detail. This will help you make an informed decision and avoid wasting time and money.

Ideally, you will have the budget to buy more than one plugin. Having multiple plugins will allow you to get the best possible sound in any situation.

You should read the instructions for any plugin once you have made your purchase. Doing so will allow you to hit the ground running and find it easier to modify your settings as you go.

A Quick Look At The Best Guitar Midi Plugins
The Most Versatile Acoustic Guitar Plugin
acou6tics product image
Vir2 Acou6tics

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The Best Midi Package With Guitar Plugins
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Native Instruments Komplete
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The Best Acoustic Guitar Plugins

The Most Versatile Acoustic Guitar Plugin

Vir2 Acou6tics

  • Variety of guitars
  • Realistic picked sounds
  • Expression controls
  • Outshined in strumming tone by some competitors

Acoust6ics by Vir2 is an extremely realistic sounding midi engine for any DAW. There are 6 different types of instruments included in this package. You get 6 and 12 steel-string guitars, nylon, ukulele, guitalele, and mandolin. This is much more varied than many other midi guitar plugins.

Each included instrument sounds amazing. You can tell a lot of effort has gone into capturing the recordings. They used the Blumlein stereo method for recording. This method allows the app to give you control over several parameters. You can control mic distance and perspective as well as volume and panning. You could also use the Piezo pickup perspective if you plan to run more plugins alongside this one.

This plugin also has the benefit of incorporating many different playstyles. You could choose to have the instrument strings picked or strummed with a plectrum. There is also the option to have them played with fingers instead.

There are expressive inclusions such as sustains, mutes, releases, legato, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. These give you complete control over your compositions. Having access to all of these in a single package at such high quality is not a common occurrence.

This plugin uses Kontakt to interact with your DAW. If you use it already it should make installation and starting with this plugin a breeze. Kontakt player is free to use and easily downloaded if you don’t use it already. You can download it here.

The Best Plugin For Strummed Chords

Native Instruments Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2

  • Excellent strummed tones
  • Intuitive interface
  • Complete control
  • Not intended for use as single picked notes

This midi plugin has unparalleled strummed chord patterns. There are so many different options available and they all sound very realistic.

It emulates a Martin 0-17 which is a vintage guitar from 1937. It has a tone that is mellow and warm and sounds great. It also has an articulate full sounding 12 string guitar. Having these options makes it very likely you will be able to create the tone you are looking for.

If you prefer a dreadnought style 6 string we recommend the original Strummed Acoustic. It still sounds great but only includes 1 instrument instead of 2 for the same price.

Strummed acoustic 2 has amazing integration with your keyboard. You can use the mod and pitch wheels to change strumming patterns quickly. Use can also use your keys to add accents and change chords voicings on the fly. If you aren’t comfortable using your keyboard you could use the auto-chord feature. This creates the chords for you so you only have to press 1 key.

The easy to use effects make it simple to create the perfect sound for you. Have a listen to the samples on the Native Instruments website to see how well this plugin can fit into any style.

The Session Guitarist Picked Acoustic is also amazing. If you can afford both, it pairs really well with Strummed Acoustic 2. This way you will only have to learn to work your way around one system to use different types of sounds too.

The Best Plugin For Picked Acoustic

Ample Guitar Martin 3

  • Matched Martin tone
  • Easy to use
  • Only models one guitar

This Plugin emulates a Martin dreadnaught style guitar. It sounds pretty realistic and has a massive amount of presets for picking styles.

This beats the Native Instruments Picked plugin for one reason. This plugin also being able to strum chords as well. This way you get a little more versatility for your money. If we are being honest in terms of sound it is hard to pick between them as they are both fantastic.

The control parameters for this plugin are quite easy to use. It only emulates one guitar but you can get a lot of different tones from the controls. This makes sure you can match the sound you are after.

Ample sound also has plugins that emulate many other types of guitars. They also have plugins based on a Taylor, a Luther, and a few electric guitars. These are all great and we highly recommend them if you have the budget for them. The Martin plugin is our favorite for its tone but you may prefer the Taylor or Luther acoustic guitars.

The Best Guitar VST Plugin For Acoustic Country Music

MusicLab RealGuitar 5

  • Variety of tunings used for samples
  • Harmonic controls
  • Not as polished as some others

Another quality acoustic guitar simulator is RealGuitar 5 from MusicLab. It sounds realistic whether picked or strummed but less so than our favorite plugins.

A standout feature that this plugin has that is missing from the others is Nashville tuning. This is a particular type of tuning used particularly in older country music. It is also used in a lot of modern music.

To go with the Nashville tuning, there are many guitar types included in this package. There is a 6 string in both steel-string and nylon as well as a 12 string. The variety of tones make this a very good choice for those of us that need some diversity for our songwriting.

The Best Electric Guitar Midi Plugins

The Best Electric Guitar Plugin

Native Instruments Session Guitarist Electric Sunburst Deluxe

  • Super realistic
  • Fantastic expression controls
  • Incredibly versatile
  • Only simulates one type of guitar

In our opinion, this is hands down the most realistic sounding midi plugin for guitars. It emulates a Les Paul style guitar flawlessly. The Gibson Les Paul is extremely popular in many different music genres. Meaning this VST is capable of anything between shredding heavy metal and soft jazz.

Both of the Native Instrument Acoustic packs are fantastic. This plugin takes what is great about them and combines them into one package. The obvious difference being that the instrument sampled is an electric guitar.

You can use strummed patterns or picked notes. There are easy controls over a variety of factors. Some of these factors include palm muting, flageolet, and tremolo articulations. Each of these articulations can also be set to sound as though it’s played with a plectrum or fingers.

There are plenty of effects included based upon vintage stompboxes. The software does a great job of emulating them and they all sound close to the original. There are so many other controls to adapt your sound too. You will be sure to find the perfect tone for your track if you look hard and tweak some settings.

The Most Versatile Electric Guitar Plugin

Vir2 Electri6ity

  • Can play any style of music
  • Simple to use
  • 8 Sampled Guitars
  • Pricey
  • Has less expression controls than Sunburst Deluxe

The Acoust6ics plugin is the most versatile acoustic simulator. From the same creator, Electri6ity has the most instruments to offer in its category. This plugin has even more instruments included with a whopping 8 different guitars.

Having access to 8 different guitar tones means that you can work within any genre. Each of the instruments has been meticulously sampled and sound incredibly realistic.

You are able to use many expressive controls such as ghost notes, mutes, harmonics, tremolo, slide, pull-offs, and hammer-ons. There is a built-in effect rack allowing you to control which amp the guitar gets played through. You can also select and edit any stompboxes you want on your signal chain.

The Best Electric Guitar VST Plugin For Metal Or Other Heavy Genres

Ample Sound Ample Metal Eclipse

  • Great for chugging and soaring solos
  • Accurately sampled ESP Eclipse
  • Only good for heavy music
  • Older software

If you plan on writing exclusively heavy stuff with your guitar plugin this is the one we would recommend. It samples the ESP eclipse and as such has some amazing heavy tones.

When you first fire up this plugin there is an almost flat sounding initial tone of the guitar. However, this actually speaks for the quality of the recording. This is what an un-amped electric guitar with high gain pickups sounds like in real life. You will need to use the settings in the plugin to run the signal through a virtual amp and effects to get the tone you are after.

Once amped the clean tones on this plugin are pretty good too. It is impossible to say that they are close to comparing to Native Instruments Electric Sunburst Deluxe though. The crunchy palm mutes and soaring leads are where this plugin shines. Keep that in mind while making your choice. It is less versatile but does what it does extremely well.

The Best Guitar VST Plugin Package

Native Instruments Komplete

Komplete 13 product image
  • Heavily discounted when compared to buying individual plugins
  • Trusted brand
  • May contain plugins you won't use
  • Expensive

The Native Instruments Komplete bundle is fantastic if you have a decent budget. It comes with their best guitar plugins. In the Komplete 13 bundle, you get the Strummed Acoustic and the Electric Sunburst plugin. You also get newly released Guitar Rig 6 which can work with your real guitar. It can also work in conjunction with the other plugins to use a myriad of different effects. The Komplete package also comes with a bunch of other instruments, effects, and sounds. These inclusions vastly outweigh the cost of this bundle.

The ultimate version has all of their guitar plugin instruments. The only drawback is that it is very expensive. You could definitely justify the cost of this bundle if you plan to use a lot of the other plugins as well. Native Instruments are a big name in the industry so you can trust their software is awesome.

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